Texas Surveillance Training Course

This class was created for those who wish to break into the Private Investigation field, but have no Surveillance experience. Without a basic foundation in Surveillance, it can seem impossible to get hired in Texas (and probably other states as well), since most new investigators do mainly Surveillance.

Once you have a good foundation and basic skills, you stand a much better chance of getting hired on with Investigative Agencies.

Not only will you have the basic skills to begin work, but you will also have an understanding of PI employer/employee relations, Texas laws affecting Private Investigators, (T.A.C. Chap 35, T.O.C. 1702, Texas Penal Code), Private Investigator ethics, and much more (included in the TEXAS version of the course only).

Although this course was written for Texas, the basic Surveillance skills should apply anywhere.  Any laws, rules, or regulations cited in this course are made with Texas in mind.  You should contact your own licensing agency in your state to make sure you are operating legally.

The new format consists of:
350+ Training Slides
10+ Hours of Audio Narration
Over 30 Static/Mobile Surveillance Video Clips
PDF Copy of the Course Slides (no audio/video)
PDF Copy of Texas PI Rules and Regulations
PDF Helpful Documents
Certificate of Completion
30 Days to Complete

Complete the course at your own rate.  30 minutes or 30 days, it's up to you.  You can advance the slides when you are comfortable you've learned the material.

Private Investigator Online Surveillance Course

Introduction to Private Investigator Employment
*** What to Expect as a New Private Investigator
*** Can You Open Your Own Company?
*** Types of Private Investigators

Basics of Surveillance
*** Why use surveillance?
*** Types of cases
*** Before Taking the Case
*** Pre-Surveillance Client Interview
*** Pre-Surveillance Planning
*** Nature of Surveillance & Investigations
*** Single Vehicle Mobile Surveillance
*** Linear Following
*** Segmented Following
*** During Surveillance…
*** Foot Surveillance
*** Sample Mobile Video Clips
*** Static Surveillance
*** Hiding in the Vehicle
*** Dealing With Law Enforcement
*** Murphy’s Law
*** Getting Burned
*** Surveillance Equipment
*** Types of Surveillance Vehicles
*** Inside the Surveillance Vehicle
*** Surveillance Reports
*** Surveillance Forms and Contracts
*** Surveillance Requirements Expected of Employees

Employer or Employee: Which Are You?
*** Difference Between
*** What Employers Want From an Employee
*** What to Expect as an Employee
*** Pros/Cons of Employees: Owner’s Perspective

Laws Affecting Private Investigators
*** Restrictions on Regulated Services
*** Penalties for Investigating Without Proper Licensing
*** Types of PI Licenses
*** Owner/Employee Requirements for Registration
*** Continuing Education
*** Employee or Subcontractor: W2 Vs. 1099
*** What Private Investigators Can and Can’t Do
*** Laws Private Investigators Run Into

*** What are Investigator Ethics
*** Consequences of Unethical Behavior

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