Alabama Surveillance Training Course - Continuing Education (16 hrs)

The Alabama CE Surveillance Course is now registered as a Continuing Education course.  It has a Texas School Number: Y04175701. It will count as 16 hours (14 hours content, 2 hours ethics) toward the 16 (with 2 in Ethics) required by Alabama when renewing your PI Registration.

This class was created for those who wish to break into the Private Investigation field, but have no Surveillance experience. Without a basic foundation in Surveillance, it can seem impossible to get hired in Texas (and probably other states as well), since most new investigators do mainly Surveillance.

Once you have a good foundation and basic skills, you stand a much better chance of getting hired on with Investigative Agencies.

Not only will you have the basic skills to begin work, but you will also have an understanding of PI employer/employee relations, Private Investigator ethics, and much more

Although this course was written for Texas, the basic Surveillance skills should apply anywhere.  Remember, you should contact your own licensing agency in your state to make sure you are operating legally.

This format consists of:
300+ Training Slides
9+ Hours of Audio Narration
Over 30 Static/Mobile Surveillance Video Clips
PDF Copy of the Course Slides (no audio/video)
PDF Helpful Documents
Certificate of Completion
30 Days to Complete

Complete the course at your own rate.  Work for 30 minutes or 30 hours, it's up to you.  You can advance the slides when you are comfortable you've learned the material.


FAQ’S Regarding Continuing Education for Alabama Private Investigators

Licensees  need 16 hours of continuing education credit accrued during the current licensure period.  Two (2) hours of these required hours, must be in  Ethics.

Continuing Education for renewal must be received during the two year licensure period only.

You can not roll over additional CEU hours to the next renewal period.

You will not need to submit documentation of continuing education unless you are audited.  It is good practice to download and keep your certificates of completion on file for three years.  Auditing is a regular practice for state licensing boards.

New Rule : Filed March 7, 2014; effective April 11, 2014.

Amended : Filed June 21, 2017; effective August 5, 2017; Filed May 11, 2018; effective June 25, 2018.


Renewal of License

(1) Licensure periods:

The private investigator license shall be valid for two years. The continuing education learning period is a two-year period of time in which at least sixteen (16) contact hours shall be accrued (eight (8) hours in each calendar year). This is the time period of the current license.

FAQ’s Regarding Continuing Education

Q: How many Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) am I required to have to renew my license?

A: Licensees will need 16 hours of continuing education credit accrued during the current licensure period. Of these required hours, 2 hours in Ethics will be required over the two year licensure period.

Q: Can I roll over additional CEU hours received to the next renewal cycle?

A: No. Continuing Education for renewal must be received during the two year licensure period only.

Q: When do I submit my CEU’s to the Board?

A: You will not need to submit documentation of continuing education unless you are audited. A percentage of applications will be selected at random for audit. If you are selected for audit, you will be required to complete a “Continuing Education Reporting Form” and submit that form with supporting documentation (transcripts and/or certificates) by regular mail to the APIB office (the Board will notify you if selected for audit and provide more detailed instructions).

Q: Do I have to get my CEU’s from the Alabama Private Investigators Association (APIA)?

A: No, you are not required to get your CEU’s from APIA. You may obtain your CEU’s from any acceptable continuing education provider to the Board (see below item for examples of acceptable continuing education providers).

Q: What is an “acceptable” continuing education provider to the Board?

A: Any individual, organization, institution, association, firm, or other entity that provides ongoing training services to the private investigator that relates to the practice of private investigation. Examples of acceptable continuing education providers are:

Legitimate Private Investigator Associations (State or National)

Company Training (where CE is developed for private investigator training)

Individuals, Firms, & Institutions (that provide training for profit for private investigators)

Distance Learning (on-line/internet training and/or correspondence courses)

Private Investigator Licensure Board Approved CE (any State)

Q: Do I get CEU credit for membership in professional organizations?

A: Yes. Up to two (2) CEU’s may be counted per renewal period from membership in a professional organization that pertains to private investigation.

Private Investigator Online Surveillance Course

Introduction to Private Investigator Employment
*** What to Expect as a New Private Investigator
*** Can You Open Your Own Company?
*** Types of Private Investigators

Basics of Surveillance
*** Why use surveillance?
*** Types of cases
*** Before Taking the Case
*** Pre-Surveillance Client Interview
*** Pre-Surveillance Planning
*** Nature of Surveillance & Investigations
*** Single Vehicle Mobile Surveillance
*** Linear Following
*** Segmented Following
*** During Surveillance…
*** Foot Surveillance
*** Sample Mobile Video Clips
*** Static Surveillance
*** Hiding in the Vehicle
*** Dealing With Law Enforcement
*** Murphy’s Law
*** Getting Burned
*** Surveillance Equipment
*** Types of Surveillance Vehicles
*** Inside the Surveillance Vehicle
*** Surveillance Reports
*** Surveillance Forms and Contracts
*** Surveillance Requirements Expected of Employees

Employer or Employee: Which Are You?
*** Difference Between
*** What Employers Want From an Employee
*** What to Expect as an Employee
*** Pros/Cons of Employees: Owner’s Perspective

*** What are Investigator Ethics
*** Consequences of Unethical Behavior

Final Exam
*** Content Test Questions (35)
*** Ethics Questions (15)

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